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Baby Potty Training Tips

Potty training is a complex process both for the mother as well as the toddler. Specialists claim that there are several signs that can decide whether children are bound to toilet training or it is more advisable to postpone things. Indeed some might wonder whether it is enough that parents want it? More than probably not, children will get used to this useful habit if they are able to comprehend its importance. Those who are heading towards this important moment might be in need of some useful ideas. These potty training tips will provide families with some of the most creative and efficient tricks on how to embed potties as 'must have' elements of the baby's life.

Potty Training Preparations

Readiness for a similar big step is best observed through the basic sings. Professionals offer a well-defined set of signs that our baby is prepared to go to the next level. Observing these is the duty of the parents, those who neglect them would be faced with more difficulties and also failed attempts. Reading through these basic signs is of key importance for the best start. Here are some of the paramount signs and condition to fulfill that guarantee that your baby is able to understand the importance of this wise invention, the potty chair.

  • Wait until your child reaches the age of 2 since this is the period when these signs are manifested and can be considered really valuable. This is one of the basic conditions that would ease your and the toddler's job. Test the readiness by some basic questions as whether 'he needs to go to the toilet' or 'would be eager to meet the potty', his future best friend.

  • The baby shows his willingness to use the toilet and is basically embarrassed by bed wetting. His facial expressions will serve as the basic points of departure when it comes of potty training. Pay special attention to words and eventually gestures that can give away his strong intention to become older and take this issue into serious.

  • It is also essential to test the comprehensive skills of the child. At this age he'll be more than probably aware of the importance of going to the bathroom. It is also vital to understand words as 'wet' and 'potty' to achieve the desired effect. Communicate with your child to improve your relationship.

  • The ability to stay dry for at least 2 hours after waking up from his relaxing nap is also one of the leading signs that his readiness. This is one of the basic criteria to test the efficiency of your training. If the toddler is not able to do this, it is highly recommended to postpone your project to a future date. Moreover it is also advisable to know whether this has health reasons or it's just nature.

  • Last but not least it is also worth observing whether he handles his tiny pants. Pulling them down and then up is one of the basic phases of potty training. Letting him do the job to get used to this ritual is one of the main elements of the training. If he already proves his intention to do it on his own your are on the right track to reach your goals.

  • Devote enough time and energy to the development of your child. Parenting advice offers you some of the revolutionary and also time-tested tips on how to recognize the basic signs of potty training readiness.

    Potty Training Tips

    Start your project with some of the basic methods on how to set the proper atmosphere for success. Undoubtedly there are several factors that can influence the mental and spiritual state of your baby. Eliminate stress and other harmful agents and be patient and kind to increase the chances to a successful toilet training. These are some of the ageless and also tested tips on how to get your toddler familiarized with the potty.

  • Buy the potty together with your child, this is one of the key tips of professionals. Children love shopping, involve them into this important acquisition. Moreover they will be able to choose the one that fits their preferences from shape, color and even texture. The excitement that surrounds the purchasing will help both of you to be initiated into the process of potty training. Look for colorful and interesting designs with favorite characters or patterns. One of the basic conditions to fulfill is to pick a chair that allows the child to touch the floor with his feet. Safety and the sense of security can influence the success of this plan. Besides the potty chair make sure you also buy training pants. These should offer the proper hold still should be proper for the child to pull it up and down.

  • Find the perfect place for the potty, make it visible and accessible to the child. It should resemble rather a furniture than an isolated piece. The child should be familiarized with its presence. Furthermore you can encourage him to sit on it with his clothes on, as a little chair.

    Later on it would be more easier to convince him that it is safe. Let his play with it, put the dolls or other toys in it. After you succeeded in convincing him that it is a great achievement if he can use it use stickers and other treats to reward him.

  • Don't be to pushy, instead of forcing him to sit on the potty let him spend there a few minutes. If it is uncomfortable he'll be reluctant to get used to it. Let him do the hardest part of the job and get familiarized with it and learn the great importance of this step.

    Even after using it he'll might be unsure whether he really needs to wee or it was just false alarm. Let nature do its job! Those mothers who lose their patience might generate a series of irreversible problems that will prevent the toddler from an efficient potty training.

  • Rewarding is the buzzword to achieve your objectives. Using various sweets or stickers will be your bet ally in the potty training plan. Don't neglect this useful habit since it might spare you from several difficulties.

  • You can also make a colorful calendar and place it on a visible place. Mark the successful potty sessions with smiley faces that would further increase the confidence of your child to use this accessory. Let him stick the rewarding signs to feel responsible for his success.

  • Accidents might happen even after a frequent and well-defined potty routine. Still don't be disappointed it's not failure just your child might still have weak moments. Don't get angry and stress out, instead consider it as a temporary state that will certainly change. You can also remember your baby of the importance of signaling his needs, use a calm voice and a winner smile when doing it.

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