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Birth Control Methods

Birth control methods are increasing their popularity, this is why a variety of birth control methods are available nowadays. Find out which are the most popular and effective birth control methods.

To avoid unwanted pregnancy different birth control methods have been developed. We live in a modern world and traditional methods are losing ground to the new revolutionary birth control methods.

Birth Control Facts

Birth control is meant to reduce or prevent the chances of pregnancy through different methods that might or might not be full proof. Some methods work better than other this is why people choose different methods of protection which they feel comfortable with or which have been recommended by a physician. Most birth control methods are only destined to prevent conception and if used properly don't affect fertility in any way.

Birth Control Methods

  • Total abstinence is by far the best birth control possible as no intercourse means no chance of pregnancy, but since this is not the solution most people are looking for, other, more permissive methods can be used

  • Condoms are one of the most preferred birth control methods existent. It protects against unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Made out of flexible, thin materials, both the men and female condom can be a reliable yet not a 100% sure method as one tiny tear can lead loss of protection

  • Birth control pills are hormonal based oral contraceptives which contain different types of hormones that prevent ovulation. The cervical mucus that covers the vagina also thickens making it more difficult for the sperm to reach an egg in case one has been released. The thick lining of mucus will also make the attachment of the egg more difficult in case of fertilization. There are a variety of birth control pills which can contain only progesterone or an estrogen and progesterone combination, pills that might cause monthly periods or trimester periods

  • Emergency birth control are a solution meant to prevent pregnancy in case another birth control methods fail. This type of birth control are only meant to be used occasionally and not regularly and they are effective up to 72 hours after the unprotected intercourse

  • The withdrawal method is a method preferred by men and it involves withdrawing the penis before ejaculation. It is solution which is not recommended as not everyone can have complete control to anticipate the exact moment correctly

  • Calendar method is used by some women to calculate their fertile and less fertile periods by temperature of the body and days of the monthly period

  • Birth control patches are one of the newest contraceptives available which involves applying a patch which contains hormones on the skin. The patch is meant to act just as a birth control pill

  • Intrauterine devices which contain either copper or progesterone are introduced into the uterus to prevent pregnancy

  • Permanent Birth Control

    Because some people want to exclude even the smallest change of pregnancy, permanent birth control solutions are also available.
    For men vasectomy, is the name of the surgical irreversible procedure which cuts the tubes which help the sperm reach destination. This is a simple procedure that does not affect the sex life or the ejaculation.

    For women “tying” the fallopian tubes is the permanent solution to birth control as if the tubes are ties, the released egg and the sperm cannot reach each-other, thus fertilization is not possible

    Some contraceptive methods do imply certain risks and complications this is why it is absolutely crucial to consult a physician or a gynecologist before deciding for a birth control method, to ensure you are aware of all the risks involved by the chosen method.

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