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Breastfeeding Benefits

Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon which occurs in all mammals, to help provide nourishment for a normal and healthy development. Find out all the benefits of breastfeeding before making a decision between natural child feeding and formula.

Women all over the world are aware of breastfeeding benefits and are trying to breastfeed their babies for as long as possible. Breastfeeding is a natural process which comes instinctively after giving birth. Through breastfeeding the newborn receives only natural nutrients which help him develop and receive the antibodies necessary for a strong immune system.

Breastfeeding facts

Lactation begins in the moment the baby is born and it is a natural process for all women. The natural milk produced by the mother is highly beneficial for the newborn as it contains all the nutrients the baby needs in order to fully develop mentally, physically as well as emotionally. It is considered that the benefits of breastfeeding don't resume only to nourishment but they contribute to the emotional development of the child as well.
Women have been breastfeeding since the beginning of time, but nowadays, due to evolution and the development of new techniques breastfeeding is alternative. Special formulas are beginning to replace breastfeeding, making breastfeeding optional.
Physicians and psychologists have been studying the impact breastfeeding has over the child's development compared to children which have been fed using formulas, and it is believed that babies which are fed naturally develop much better and healthier than artificially fed ones.

Breastfeeding benefits

There are so many benefits when it comes to breastfeeding for mothers as well as for the babies. Here are some of the benefits of naturally feeding your child:
Mother's benefits

  • the physical contact of breastfeeding can help create a bond between mother and child

  • breastfeeding is linked to lowering the risk of developing certain health problems like breast cancer, postpartum depression,etc

  • menstruation is stopped throughout the duration of the breastfeeding making it impossible for mothers to get pregnant by mistake

  • mothers can breastfeed their babies anywhere and anytime without having to look for a place to prepare the formula

  • women who breastfeed are more relaxed as breastfeeding doesn't require getting up especially during the night to prepare the bottle

  • breastfeeding can save a great deal of money as formulas can be quite expensive

  • breastfeeding can aid weight loss, helping women regain their figure much quicker

  • Baby benefits

  • breastfeeding can reduce certain health problems like infections, diarrhea, obesity, asthma, diabetes, leukemia, etc

  • breast milk is easier to digest that formula milk

  • breast milk contains all the nutrients the baby needs as well as antibodies

  • breastfeeding reduces colic pain

  • breastfeeding allows the baby to have more contact with the mother

  • It is best to think very well before making a decision before breastfeeding and formula feeding as once you move down a path there is no turning back.

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