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Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding

Breastfeeding and formula feeding are the options women have when it comes to feeding the baby. Choosing carefully is necessary as once a decision is made there is no turning back so check out the benefits of both options to determine which appeals to you most.

Breastfeeding vs formula feeding has always been a well disputed match with the winner decided by every mother. Deciding between breastfeeding and bottle feeding is not easy, and every woman should weigh the benefits given by both options carefully in order to ensure the baby a perfect start in life.

Breastfeeding benefits

Breastfeeding is a natural process which ensures the mother can provide nourishment to her children through breast milk. Breast milk is naturally triggered in the moment of birth and it is considered by scientists to be the best option for your baby. Breast milk seems to contain naturally a variety of nutrients and antibodies the baby needs for a perfect and healthy development.
Breastfeeding seems to benefit the baby as well as the mother, this is why most women opt for breastfeeding. The main benefits of breastfeeding are:
For the baby:

  • provides a bonding with the mother due to the physical contact

  • the “colostrum” which is the first thick breast milk contains a high amount of nutrients and antibodies

  • prevents ear infections

  • prevents obesity

  • prevents diarrhea

  • prevents allergies

  • prevents diabetes

  • prevents sudden infant death syndrome

  • some studies have shown that breastfed babies have a higher IQ than bottle fed babies

  • For the mother:

  • provides a bonding with the baby due to physical contact

  • can prevent breast cancer

  • can prevent ovarian cancer

  • can allow more resting time as no bottles need to be prepared

  • can aid weight loss

  • can prevent cardiovascular disease

  • Other than these health benefits, breastfeeding is free thus mothers can save up to a couple of thousands of dollars a year.

    Formula feeding benefits

    Formula feeding is an option which has enchanted women all over the world since it was first developed. Formulas are developed in sterile conditions and they contain all the vitamins the baby needs. Scientists have been trying to create formulas which could replace breast milk, as not all women can breastfeed. Certain diseases like anemia and cardiovascular disease can prevent mothers from breastfeeding as they might jeopardize their health.
    Formula feeding benefits the baby as well as the mother by:
    Baby benefits:

  • can provide the baby vitamin supplements

  • allows the baby to bond with the father as well during feeding

  • Mother benefits:

  • watching the diet is no longer necessary

  • anyone can feed the baby allowing the mother to have more time for herself

  • the baby can be fed anywhere without having to expose the breasts

  • Formulas don't contain any antibodies thus they don't provide a barrier against certain diseases.

    It is up to every mother to choose the options she feels comfortable with. It is recommended to breastfeed if possible but women who are advised against breastfeeding should not feel disappointed as the formulas replace the breast milk better than anything else.

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