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How to Deal with Diaper Rash

Diaper rashes are very common skin problems in diaper wearing babies. Because the rash can have a very unpleasant appearance and it can spread even further it is necessary to treat it as soon as possible. Find out how you can spot a diaper rash and how to deal with it.

How to deal with diaper rash can be a scary thing especially for first time parents as the diaper rash can cause the baby agitation and pain. Looking at a diaper rash for the first time, can give a sense of panic as it looks quite painful. If the diaper rash is not cared for complications can occur so it is best to prevent diaper rashes as much as possible.

What is diaper rash

Diaper rash is actually a skin problem, a dermatitis which affects the skin and causes redness and sometimes small pustules on the skin. Because not only diaper rashes occur in the diaper area, it is best to ask for a pediatricians help if you are not sure it is diaper rash.
Diaper rashes are caused by prolonged exposure to wetness with a certain PH. The urine's and fecal matter's PH can affect the skin and cause an irritation to the skin in combination with the friction caused by the baby's diaper.
All baby's get a diaper rash at one point so knowing what to do and how to sooth your baby's bottom you need to follow these advice regarding diaper rash.

How to treat diaper rash

It is absolutely necessary to learn how to deal with and treat diaper rash to avoid the irritation to spread towards your baby's genitals. Here are some things which should help if your baby gets diaper rash:

  • change the baby more often as soon as you observe redness and an ammonia smell

  • allow your baby's skin to breath and let the baby as much as you can without a diaper. Place a waterproof blanket under your baby to ensure your bedding will remain dry as your baby will be bare bottom

  • avoid using wipes to wipe your baby. Plain water is more indicated in diaper rashes

  • apply an ointment on the baby's bottom every time the nappy is changed as the ointment will sooth the baby's skin

  • do not used any soap on the diaper rash as it might irritate the area even more. Use a hypoallergenic baby soap instead

  • consult a physician if the diaper rash appears to persist to avoid complications as other skin condition might have caused the irritation.

  • Dealing with a diaper rash can be frustrating at first , especially for first time parents but try to remain calm and seek for advice. You will soon get used to all a baby implies and all the new things you have to confront with on a daily basis. The best thing is that medicine has advanced so much, it helps ease different problems much quicker.

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