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How to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

The first years in a baby’s life are very important, since this is the period when the baby starts to master the art of movement and tries to bring it to perfection. The first steps of a baby are amongst the most wonderful moments parents can witness during their child's development. If your baby is crawling, this means that he will soon start to walk. Today we have prepared you some helpful tips about how to encourage your baby to walk and discover the world around him.

Walking is one of the major milestones both for the baby and the parents as well. Parent will always remember the first wobbly moves. Learning how to walk is a great leap for every baby. Parents are usually excited to see their babies pulling up from crawling and starting to make the first little steps. Generally, a baby starts walking at around 9-14 month, however it differs from one child to another.

Every child has its own pace so don’t panic if your child is still crawling while your friend’s baby has already made the first steps. Some babies even skip the stage of crawling and suddenly start to stand and walk using their hands for support. This is absolutely normal. Let’s see some of the first signs that your baby will soon make his first steps and learn how to encourage him to start walking.

Signs that your child is ready to make the first steps are the following:

  • The baby can independently sit up and is able to pull himself up by using his hands and holding on to different objects for support
  • The baby is rolling around and tries to climb the stairs using his hands
  • If you child has started crab walking and scooting

  • Learning to walk is a long process and according to surveys, your baby needs hundreds of hours of practice from pulling itself up and until they are able to make the first steps on their own. However, you can always encourage your baby to start walking and here are a few great tips that might be helpful for you.

  • First of all, one of the most important things is to pay attention to guarantee the safety of your child, by making sure that there are no sharp edges in the house that can jeopardize the safety of your baby, mainly when he is trying to make his first moves.

  • The next major thing is to encourage your baby with your words. This is an extremely important factor that can really help and motivate your child to start walking. Whenever your child makes an advance and tries to make a small step, applaud him and encourage him to move in your direction. Encouraging your baby by showing him his favorite toy will make him to experiment with making a step towards it.
    These are excellent ways to help your baby start walking. Make him to stand upright and hold both of his hands and let him walk in front of you. At a certain point you can even let hold of one hand, so the baby can practice balance and stability. This way you can show him how to make a step on his own.

  • Walkers can actually slow down the coordination process in your baby. Therefore it is a good option to let him make the first steps without the use of walkers.

  • Help your baby practice mobility and balance. Play with your child by rolling a ball back and forth with him, which will drive him to lean in the direction of the ball. As he moves around and crawls, he will develop stronger muscles and learns to control the motion of the hips so that he can pull himself up and stand.

  • Once your baby knows how to stand, he may start to support himself with all the objects around him: the walls, the chairs, the table and everything in his reach in order to move all over the room. Help your baby by putting various pieces of solid furniture, which will help him to move safely here and there.

  • When your baby has mastered the art of standing, start to teach him different types of movements. Take a toy that makes sound or plays music, and hold it so that it is out of reach for your baby so you can teach him how to wiggle to the music. This is a really useful exercise, which helps him to learn how to maintain balance and strengthens the muscles of the leg as well.

  • Encourage and help your child to make the first wobbly steps, but never force him because the baby will give you a sign when he is ready to walk. Try to be patient because every child has his own pace to reach this milestone. Ensure his safety all around the house and encourage him to discover the fun and new experience of walking and soon you will see that he is moving all over the house.

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