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Main Causes of Infertility

As one of the most controversial issues main causes of infertility concern society with the emergence of new conception methods. Couples who struggle with this unfortunate condition will seek for professional help in order to be able to identify the triggering factors. The first step towards both understanding and treating both male and female infertility is to find out more on the main factors that can have an impact on our organism as well as ability to conceive a child. From the simple to the more complex and almost incomprehensible issues, all should be taken into account when setting a diagnosis.

Infertility Basics

Though some might tend to simplify the issue of infertility it is a fact that, male and female infertility differ in various conditions and qualities. Asking for the help of professionals is indeed the most essential step towards treating the problem. Doctors officially proclaim infertility in the case of couples that attempt to conceive a child for at least 6-12 months without any success. Though some might have great problems to cope with infertility, it is paramount to look for reasons and explanations. Identifying whether the man or the woman is responsible for this condition can be done through a series of tests. These evaluate the health condition of partners and would soon reveal the main causes of infertility. In order to be prepared for situations of all kind it is worth reading through both causes of male and female infertility.

Female Infertility Causes

Women are the no.1 targets when it comes of analyzing infertility. Main causes can trigger both health and spiritual problems that have a direct effect on conception. The only remedy to be up-to-date with the latest inventions and studies is to look through the list of main female infertility causes that affect women all over the world.
  • As time goes by women are granted with less and less chance to become pregnant. Indeed as our organism ages organs that are responsible for the successful conception will lose their power. 35 is the magical age which once passed will generate irreversible changes in the body. Those who encounter difficulties in conceiving after at least 6-8 months of regular intercourse should immediately ask for professional help. Medical advice is of crucial importance in this case.

  • Lifestyle Factors

  • The way we live our life, with the various virtues as well as vices can have an unfortunate effect on our health. Though some might disregard the power of vicious habits as smoking, alcohol as well as obesity, these still exercise their effect on organs and functions that play a top notch role in conception. Those who struggle with addiction towards all unhealthy substances will more than probably struggle with infertility problems.

  • In order to rule out the chance of these damaging lifestyle factors it's time to quit or at least reduce the amount of intake of alcohol as well as unhealthy food and adopt a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise. This is the remedy to avoid serious infertility reasons as the worsening of sperm quality as well as other pelvic infections.

  • Ovulatory Problems
  • Ovulation is one of the main elements that guarantees successful conception. There are several reasons that can sabotage its spotless functioning especially if a disruption occurs due to both internal and external factors. Hormones are the main culprits that can be identified as being the compasses for the balanced ovulation.

  • The imbalances in hormonal flux will result in infertility issues. Being over- or on the contrary under-weight will all generate a series of unfortunate events in our organism. Moreover infertility professionals also identified as the main reason for this disorder the inappropriate communication between glands and the brain. Take into account all the great changes that take place in your body in order to allow the proper ovulation.

  • Anatomical Reasons

  • Anatomical reasons are some of the most severe factors that can launch or control infertility. Indeed there are several problems that can be identified on the level of organs and main body functions that are responsible for proper ovulation as well as eventual imbalances. One of the main disorders can be spotted in the cases of fallopian tubes that can be blocked by pelvic infections or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These can prevent the sperm from uniting with the egg. This can be immediately identified with the help of X-rays and can be treated with smaller surgery and other treatments.

  • Endometriosis is another disease that appears due to the implanting of cells that would normally settle in the uterine cavity, outside the uterus on the pelvic organs. As one of the treatable illnesses it can be cured with medications as well as surgery. In the majority of cases women might not even experience obvious symptoms, consequently regular examination is compulsory. PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is another disease that can be enlisted in the category of anatomical reasons. As the name denotes small or larger cysts can appear in the ovaries as the direct result of hormonal imbalance. These can as a consequence get larger and prevent healthy conception.

  • Male Infertility Causes

    Men are also affected by several factors that can generate male infertility. These can have a lifestyle or anatomical nature and vary according to the health condition of each person. Though males might neglect the main reasons that can sabotage conception, these are still in the common knowledge and are worth finding out more about them as it can affect everyone regardless of age.

    Sperm Problems
  • There are several qualities that can determine the power of sperms to get to the eggs. One is indeed the number, others would be both the sperm motility or the speed and also the size and shape. These when lacking in amount and quality can reduce the chances for successful conception. Age is one of the main factors that can be named as responsible for the condition of sperms.

  • After the magical 35 these tend to slow down and lose from their initial strength. Consequently infertility problems might occur with a higher probability. Moreover immunological diseases can also have a crucial effect on these. Due to this unfortunate condition the chances for fertilizing might be reduced with 30-40%. Fortunately there are several medical and surgical treatment for this situation.

  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Some of the less radical factors that influence conception are high temperatures and the exposure of our body to hot baths and also tight underwear. These might sound funny, still the condition of our organs can suffer from our careless body care rituals. In order to enhance sperm production and motility it is highly recommended to avoid hot baths and uncomfortable lingerie.

  • Erectile Dysfunction is also one of the main triggering factors of male infertility. It is also known as impotence and can be treated with proper medication and various treatments that would improve both the sexual intercourse as well as increase the chances for conception. Regardless of age men can ask for the help of professionals.

  • In order to find out more on this issue, read through further male infertility causes.

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