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Miscarriage or Spontaneous Abortion

Miscarriages can be a very difficult experience for a family so learn more about this problem which affects women all over the world.

Miscarriages or spontaneous abortions are a problem and pose a concern for more and more women. There are a variety of causes for miscarriage or spontaneous abortions, and physicians are trying their best to help women prevent this pregnancy complication from occurring. Unfortunately a cure or a full poof method has not been discovered so far.

What is a miscarriage or a spontaneous abortion?

A miscarriage or a spontaneous abortion is the loss of pregnancy caused naturally without human induction. Miscarriages usually occur withing 20 weeks of pregnancy and the impact of a miscarriage reveals itself on an emotional level most.
Most women who have suffered a pregnancy loss are women who have turned to artificial implantation due to infertility or other conception problems. This problem usually occurs when the egg doesn't attach itself well on the uterus's lining. There are a variety of other factors which may cause a miscarriage but unfortunately the exact causes of spontaneous abortions are not known.

What can cause miscarriages?

Miscarriages are known to be caused by a variety of causes, including health problems as well as lifestyle. It seems that most spontaneous abortions are linked to abnormalities in the fetus's genetic material. Chromosomes determine many important details of the baby and an abnormality can trigger the miscarriage.

Other causes for miscarriages can be related to:

  • hormonal imbalances or infections which occur during pregnancy

  • extravagant lifestyles in which health is no way near the main priorities can trigger miscarriages. Smoking, alcohol, improper eating habits, drugs, not getting enough rest can affect a pregnancy and cause miscarriage

  • age is a known factor for triggering a miscarriage. Women who are trying to get pregnant at an older age might not have it as easy as a youthful woman. This is one of the main reasons why women want to have their babies before they are over 35 years old

  • a trauma suffered by the expecting mother during the pregnancy can induce a spontaneous abortion

  • One of the best ways to ensure you carry out your pregnancy to term is to start paying attention to your body's needs as soon as you find out you are pregnant. Maternal supplements, a healthy diet and lifestyle can help you provide the fertilized egg a proper environment for its development.

    What are the symptoms of miscarriage?

    Women who are pregnant should always pay attention to their state of being and try to monitor their pregnancy as often as possible by turning to a qualified physician. If you are pregnant and you experience these symptoms don't panic but do call your physician and discuss your problem and concerns:

  • back pain similar to menstrual cramps

  • painful contractions

  • vaginal bleeding

  • vaginal tissue discharge

  • Women who experience miscarriages are affected on several levels but mostly emotionally. Seeking help from your loved ones or discussing your feeling with a specialist can help women recover much quicker.
    If you experienced a miscarriage doesn't mean you will experience it again so don't hesitate to try again to conceive!


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