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Pregnancy Acne

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful periods in a woman’s life. However many women are surprised to find some frustrating skin problems during childbearing. We may think that those nasty pimples are left behind, as we are no longer teenagers. However pregnancy acne is a quite commonly met problem with women. Probably you are worried that those pesky pimples play havoc on your crystal clear skin and will leave you with acne scars. Read on to find out more about pregnancy acne problems and how to control them in order to obtain a wonderful skin.

Pregnancy Acne Causes

Each and every woman is different and has various skin types. Just like teenage pimples, pregnancy acne appears due to hormonal fluctuations and this is completely normal. Some women are very lucky, as they are not affected by these frustrating skin problems at all.

For those women who are already prone to adult acne, the situation may get worse during pregnancy. Nevertheless, there is a certain percent of women who actually experience the vanishing of pimples. Surveys have shown, that approximately 50% of adult women suffer from acne problems at some point in their adult lives.

If you wonder why does your skin looks like you are in your teens, the reason is very simple. During pregnancy skin becomes very sensitive and undergoes various changes in order to prepare for the arrival of the baby.
Acne breakouts generally appear during the first trimester of pregnancy when the hormone level is oscillating but you can experience pimples any time during this period, even after childbirth.

Like many other pregnancy symptoms, breakouts can also be attributed to the increased hormone levels in your body. When the hormone level is higher, the oil glands of your skin are stimulated produce more oil, thus your skin will become oilier. Whereas some women are lucky enough to enjoy an even more radiant and glowing skin, others have to face disastrous pimples all over their face and in many cases on their body as well.

However, during this wonderful period of pregnancy, your main concern is your baby’s health, these pesky breakouts can definitely have a negative impact on your self esteem as a woman.

Another triggering factor is change in the hydration level of your body. Drinking plenty of water will facilitate the hormone secretion, thus purifying your skin more quickly.
There is no need to worry, because due to the higher estrogen level in your body, as your pregnancy progresses, or after childbirth, your pimples may improve and may disappear completely. However there is no general rule as each skin has its own characteristics. Sometimes acne problems can return and persist even after childbirth. In this case, the best solution is to ask the advice of a professional dermatologist about what treatments should you take in order to regain a wonderful, clear skin.

Acne Control During Pregnancy

Acne Control During Pregnancy
During pregnancy you definitely have more important things to spend your money on and the best skin care products are not cheap at all. If you still decide to buy over-the-counter acne treatments, make sure that you have asked your doctor’s advice about which are those products that you should avoid during pregnancy.
In order to keep your face clear and to get rid of those nasty pimples on your face you can follow some smart tips that require nothing else but a little attention:

  • Wash your face at least three times each day with a gentle facial cleanser that contains no oil. You can find great natural cleansers and skin care products, but you should avoid over cleansing your face as it can wash off the natural oils of your skin, causing your oil glands to produce even more oil.

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables regularly, as they contain essential vitamins for the health of your baby and your skin as well.

  • Don’t touch and pop your pimples as you may spread the bacteria all over and you can end up with even more breakouts and acne scars.

  • Drink plenty of water every day, in order to keep your body and skin hydrated and to maintain a beautiful, healthy skin.

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