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What to Pack for the Hospital Before Labor

Packing for the hospital before labor can be a bit confusing as many women don't know what exactly to bring with them to the hospital. Because every woman feels more comfortable bringing certain personal belongings to the hospital, here is a checklist with the essential things that should not miss from your hospital bag.

What to pack for the hospital before labor is something that preoccupies every mother to be. Packing your essential bag in advance is a must because you need to make sure you are ready to go whenever the moment arrives.

Why you need to pack before labor?

The hospital provides does provide most things one needs for labor but it seems that every woman wants to feel comfortable during her stay at the hospital. This is why certain personal belongings should be packed and taken to the hospital. I bet no woman would feel good wearing the one size hospital robes and would appreciate more wearing her own comfortable pajamas. By packing before the term you will be able to have all your essential things in handy, ready to take them whenever the time calls.

What things to pack?

It seems that most mothers to be are comfortable bringing their own personal things to the hospital to make their stay more enjoyable. Start with a checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten and everything you need is packed are ready to go. Here are some essential things every mother to be should include in her essential bag:

  • Pajamas do make a difference when it comes to comfort as your favorite, comfortable pajamas will make you feel much more comfortable that the one size hospital pajama gown. A robe will also come in handy so take one with you in case you will want to take short walks down the corridor

  • Toiletry items like shampoo, soap, shower gels, toothbrush and paste, antiperspirant, tampons, towels are not to miss from your essential bag. These are your personal belongings which will help you relax and look your best

  • Changing outfits for you and your baby as you will need them when you will be released from the hospital

  • Baby blanket so your baby can be protected in case of chilly weather

  • Underwear as you will need to change your underwear and I bet no one wishes to wear hospital undergarments

  • Hair comb and hair ties to keep your hair tidy

  • A pair of slippers so you can walk around comfortable through the hospital and your room

  • Cell phone and charger to be able to keep in touch with your family and friends

  • A few change will come in handy if you crave for something in the hospital. Vending machines can usually be found on the hospital corridors to make the purchasing easy at all times

  • Diapers and baby wipes in case the hospital does not provide them

  • These are all things that every woman might want to have with her during her hospital stay . Making your time spent more comfortable will make a difference as you will be able to relax and enjoy your time with your newborn baby. Pack your essential bag at least a month or two before your labor term so you can be prepared whenever the time comes.

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